Nightrain getting a makeover

So after some soul-searching and almost pulling the trigger on a 2016 Lowrider S I came to the conclusion that I already own my dream bike, I just need to lift it´s skirt more often.

So I went shopping for parts and now the Nightrain is getting progressive shocks front and back, plus new rear fender, , new turn signals, break light etc, front and back, air intake cover, side mounted plate plus it´s getting some paint job done in the shop for the front forks, headlight and of cause the new fender.

Been building for a few days already, mostly the back shock been occupying my time, was a bitch to get loose.

Then the electrics got to tight so had to build a metal box under the fender so the sadle could mount after the redraws lowered 2,5".

Big box of goodies

Air cover plate, removed my sleeper mode (for now)

The "old" look with the new cover.

Rear fender just laid in place to get a feel for it

The saddlebag seems to be a "huge" issue.. haven´t figure out the mount just yet..

Oem shocks with new fender

Away with the Showa (HD OEM)

Big toys for big boys..

Progressive suspension model 422 with 2,5" lowered rear

Building bolts for the new front turn signals

Tada, a new bolt that fits the old Custom Chrome fork mount

Part#1 of the new electric mount in/under the rear frame with rubber mount to help ease vibrations.

Trial mount for the turn signals/break/back running light

Works like a charm! Stealth as fuck!