BSMC 2016 trip

Quick 4 day trip, Gothenburg - Copenhagen (Denmark) - Kiel (Germany) - Århus (Denmark) - Gothenburg.

We had a smaller turnout this time but man did we represent for a large posse.

Some snapshots from the trip.

Clutch-failure after 50km (of the about 1000km estimated length for the whole trip)

Wake up and shake off


Mandatory Fish-drink..

Kiel gave us the only rain on the trip, fortunately it only lasted for about 100km and then stopped while we were getting ready to hit the town

Trip-planing in a 4 star hotell, #mayhemwithclass

4 star Atlantic in Århus gave us walking distance to the bars and clubs

Unclear in Copenhagen

Sampo, Daniel and Hampus

Me, Sampo, Daniel and Hampus

Hampus and me.. trying to survive the "training-camp"

Me and Hampus, Sampo and Daniel back

Århus by night

Trip planing at the Germany/Denmark boarder