Vortex II plus Hurricane from Parachute Systems

So from what I´ve tried to listen in on, It´s quite sure I´m the only one in Sweden flying this setup. And since there is quite hard to come across info, here is my "review".

To give some background, I started skydiving back in 1998, jumped what I then felt was "all the time", but it was different times, jumps were just harder to acquire in north Sweden than now a days.

But from 1998-2002 I manage to own 3 rigs, two Vectors and a Javelin, all with Saber/Saber 2 170 main in.

Then skydiving went offline for me, studies and constant traveling trying to be a snowboarder took all my time. Until that magic evening 2013 when I was just sick and tired of working in a office and needed a way out. Signed up, renewed and started jumping again. And within a summer I managed to get more jumps done (starting august..) than I´ve done 4 years back in the late 90-s.

Already done the mainstream Vector and Javelin thing, everybody is doing more or less the same thing BUT for some unknown reason don't fix the same issues that has been plaguing the brands since my early days. Their not bad gear, in no way, but for the pricepoint it´s easy to get annoyed on the details of flaps etc.  

Also.. in Sweden.. parachute equipment is crazy expensive.. rolling brand new is almost like picking up a Harley from the shop floor so I wanted to get the best setup for me possible for my hard earned money.

I soon met a girl from Australia, standing out from the Vector/Javelin crowed, jumping our local DZ as a season worker, she was jumping a Vortex II with quite a few years on it, but I looked to be in good condition (with exceptions of some battle wounds) for the amount of jumps and years I´t been used.. I asked her some questions and then I´ve went online looking other jumpers opinions and experiences about Parachute systems, who makes the Vortex II. A small brand, (un)famed for what would be described to me as doing copies of others.. The opinions were quite clear, kick-ass hardware with crapy support. This seemed to have changed in later years however, something I´ve experienced with multiple questions and within hour answers plus a global recall where PS exchanged my 2013 rig to a new one for free.

So far what I see, is another brand, that more or less does the same thing as all the others but instead of standing on their own and waiving their flag, they seem to learn from others misstakes.

This is my second Vortex II with a Hurricane main (135EVS + Hurricane 135) before this I went with the size I´ve always used to jump, the Vortex II V5 with a Hurricane 170. First year I actually rented gear for about 80 jumps at per-jump-rate.

My choice in main was´t that hard (or easy), I got a broken spine since back in the hay-days so my main had to open soft, the chute had to be smoother openings, safer and a lot faster that a Saber II to thrill my interest.. think that was my baseline of decision.

I´ve only done just shy of 200 jumps with this setup but so far only one twisted line.. thats it. And not one hard opening.  My profile looks like this.. angle flying.. angle flying and angle flying.. with some zoo dives, low pulls and sketchy landings on the side.. I want my gear to be able to do more than I can, leaving room to learn and grow as a skydiver over time. That being said.. I pack like shit and pull when the scenery is at it´s best, so I can take no credit for smooth on head openings.

It might sound like I´m giving the bigger brands shit but you shouldn't read it that way, I liked my Vectors and my Javelin but they had things that just bothered me, and when I now was looking to buy brand new.. I wanted something else. Like if you own a car, you don't buy another car of the same brand just because the logo or the same brand if your last model failed on you.. If it rides the best, feels the best and is competitive priced.. then you buy it even if it´s new to you.

There are for sure more qualified jumpers out there to review gear but my final words are:

Don´t follow the heard, odds are your just running after a idiot.

Custom colors and freefly hacky. The hacky is super tight and folds under flaps on both sides, kind of looks like a butt-plug to quote my fellow jumpers that seen me pack but I would describe it as next level safety.

Space foam on back, lower back, and thighs. Cant beat the comfort from my experience. Full ring harness in stainless steel. Swoop belly band not attached.

Stainless steel on whole harness

Soft lines

Skyhook, new feature from Parachute systems, my 2013 did´t have this and I´m glad to have it now, safety is always high on my list.

Magnetic flaps (new feature, my 2013 setup did´t have this option.) To be hones, I´ve never had any flaps open on my "old" Vortex either but this feels like a extra level of safety when free flying.