How to fix the Nikon 80-200 (and many other lenses)

So a "standard" issue with many Nikon pro lenses from Japan is the small mechanical switch button for autofocus / manual focus selection. The mechanical hitch breaks. This renders the MF/AF button useless and for some AF stop working all together. This lens is just awesome in any other way and I would choose it as standard for pro work over any other Nikon lens, it just covers the right area and produces the most magic bokeh.

This is my solution for not paying Nikon $400+ to fix it..
My fix takes a few hours figuring out, a few minutes to build/mount and a few cents in material cost..

Step one. release the anger..
Step two. Get yourself some O-rings in rubber.
Step three. Find the right size for you, my solution is using the R-01.
Step four. Use sandpaper to just take some material of the O-ring, just that 0,01mm to make one side flat.
Step five. Mount under the metal button, try function and see if more sandpaper is needed to give correct resistance.


Works flawless =)

Nikon 80-200 2.8 AF-S with the usual problem with AF/MF button failure. Otherwise my favourite lens hands down! 

Middle far left is R-01 (smallest available)

Grind one side, just a bit to remove some of the curving on one side.

Mount with rounded side downwards. Try function and your done =)