Nitro Track and Style 2016

When back to the mountains for the first time in 4 years, was happy enough to get invited for the Nitro event that take place at the annual season premier as part of the "test-new-gear" weekend in Sälen every year.

I brought my D810 to try to document the event between the beers and hellos..

Quick and dirty video and some pictures.

Magic light all weekend

Anton Bilare and Hjalle Jensman

Gustav Zellmer


Nitro Snowboards tent

Kurt giving the guys "itsa so perfect" alla italiano style.

Right tools for the job

Bollen joined up for as event speaker

Lots of flips and whips

Anders Claesson

Judges, speaker asf

The track ahead

Two of the Nitro snowboard reps

Hjalmar Jensman