One week review

So one week into my spring toys shootout =)

Did some investing for this spring, one new motorcycle, BMW S1000R, with all the extras, just beginning to break her in. Almost time for first service. The combination of naked super bike with 0-100 in 2.6 sec performance just impresses me a lot.
Besides that, I also got a Shoei NXR helmet, supposedly the lightest and most quiet helmet available on the market in combination with the BOSE QuietControl 30 wireless in-ear headphones that arrived last week.

So this would be my review of that somewhat special combo.

The bike kicks ass and is a much welcomed addition to my garage containing of 3 motorcycles at the moment. The helmet is awesome, however the chin-strap and myself aren´t in total agreement.
To top that of, the cream of the crop, the BOSE QC30 which enables me to talk in the phone, blasting down the highway at any speed.

So to answer the question I could´t find on google. Will the combo of a NXR and QC30 work in a way that you can't hear the engine and wind at high speed, but still be able to listen to music, talk on the phone etc work? Yeah.. fuck yeah! Stay frosty, next week I hope to premiere the wingsuit and hopefully I can answer the question which hobby is fastest ;)

Recognise the spot? I usually take my toys down to the beach below our house for the evening sun.

Lazy day, same helmet but mine is with black visor of cause.
Best earphones I´ve owned so far.. and I have many, 3 other models with active noise cancelling and these are by far the best =)
Nice to claim a single parking lot with a bike..

All extras, however still missing some aftermarket parts that are on order.